Araucária Plaza
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The Hotel

Boasting a modern and sophisticated structure, Araucária Plaza was designed to meet the needs of every guest in a cordial, objective and pleasant way. Its differentials account for its 4 stars and come packed with privileges.

There are 220 suites, free wi-fi connection all over the hotel, restaurant with a broad à la carte menu, lobby with the sound of classic piano or sax, on Saturdays and Sundays, during breakfast. Daily breakfast open to the public.

The hotel still offers a complete bar structure, swimming pool, fitness center and sauna. 

Le Privilège

We began our activities in 2003, in Ribeirão Preto, with the goal of managing hotels in an efficient and innovative way in order to ensure guest satisfaction and the best return to the investors.


Since the beginning of the operations, we focused on a differentiated and detail-oriented work.

Nowadays, we manage and operate Mont Blanc Premium, Araucária Plaza and Garden Hotel in Ribeirão Preto, as well as Araucária Flat Hotel in Araraquara – all of which target business and entertainment lodging.

The four hotels have full infrastructure for events and business conventions.

Make your reservation and come stay in the most sophisticated hotels of São Paulo inland.



in Hospitality Management Services.




Provide hospitality services with excellence, style and innovation, generating return and valuation of enterprises.




Being a hotel chain renowned and recognized as the best option for clients, customers, investors.




Profitability, a factor critical to the continuation, expansion and success of all partners.


Concern excellence, perfection, innovation, customization and sustainability as key factors in our products and services.


Training and valuing people, essential factors in the companys growth and in building a good working environment, professionalism and integrity, essential characteristics of our team.


Ventures managed by Le Previlege

Mont Blanc Premium
Super-luxury hotel

Araucária Plaza
Luxury hotel

Garden Hotel
Tourism hotel

Araucária Flat Hotel

Luxury hotel

  • Easy and tranquil check-in.
  • Acoustic isolation in all suites.
  • Fast and high-standard laundry service.
  • Daily meals prepared with quality.

With our on-line reservation system, you reserve your suite. Everything is fast, practical and safe.

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